Roameo - Afla

Afrobeat Roaming Band

Energetic live afrobeat band brings an authentic flavour of Western Africa to any celebration
Available in different lineups, dancers and backing vocalists can join our band for some performances
Musicians and dancers interact with guests and encourage them to join the fun by dancing
African themed entertainment ideal for corporate occasions, private parties, festivals, themed events, etc.
This Afrobeat Roaming Band is based in London and available for worldwide bookings

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Charming and infectiously energetic, this Afrobeat Roaming band is guaranteed to keep guests at your event dancing and moving to the rhythm of West African dance music.

Afrobeat music is an explosive combination of Yoruba, jazz, highlife and funk music with a focus on vocals and percussion. This energetic music style was born in Fuji, Noigeria and Ghana in the 70s and, ever since, it has captivated thousands of musicians and audiences around the world.

This live music entertainment option will add authenticity to any African themed party or celebration. Loved by listeners of all ages, this live afrobeat band is the ideal way to introduce audiences to the African culture. Our musicians will roam around your venue playing their instruments and dancing. Fully interactive, our dancers will encourage your guests to join in the dancing, ensuring an evening of entertainment not to be missed!

Available in different lineups, this afrobeat covers band consists of drummers/vocalists, a bassist, a guitarist and a sax player. Other percussionists, bassists and performers like trumpeters, dancers and backing vocalists can also join them for some shows.

A walkabout musical act suitable for a wide range of occasions, our live afrobeat band is the ideal live music entertainment option for corporate events, private parties, themed occasions, festivals and many more! They have also entertained guests at weddings and other special celebrations with their unique style and sound.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of African themed entertainment for events and occasions in London, the UK and all over the world.

Would you like to hire this phenomenal Afrobeat Roaming Band for your upcoming event or special celebration? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and make an enquiry. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on this walkabout musical act and guide you through the booking process.



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