Silika Contortion

Canadian Contortionist

Displaying incredible feats of flexibility, our Canadian Contortionist bends over backwards, twists and turns herself to form unbelievable shapes
Mesmerises audiences with graceful movements and skilful postures
Available as a contortion duo for added impact
Can perform a UV glow show in black light which is perfect for creating an ambient atmosphere that wows guests
Based in Toronto Canada and available for worldwide bookings

Canadian Contortionist VIDEOS

Canadian Contortionist PHOTOS

A Canadian Contortionist who displays extreme back bends, over splits, twisting and turning and strong handstand holds all rolled into one high octane routine that leaves every guest completely mesmerised.  With graceful movements and skilful postures inspired by ancient Mongolian techniques this Toronto Contortionist boasts a dramatic performance that is a delight at every event.

Our contortion act offers performances and costume animation to suit all styles of events whether for corporate or for private shows. Expect a beautiful look that will add to the ambiance of the environment and allure and inspire the audience!

A contortionist, acrobat, and hand balancer of Toronto and Montreal our Canadian Contortionist first began her journey through meditation holding postures for 20 minutes. She turned her meditation into a disciplined practice of three hours every day consistently. She now has the privilege to be training with Canada's Got Talent's top contender, Aygul Memet, and she includes skilled techniques brought back from its traditional roots of Mongolia.

Top Tip: 

Our Canadian Contortionist is also available as a UV glow act who can customise her look to brighten every event with dazzling UV colours. 

Available as a duo contortionist act as well as a solo performer our Canadian Contortionist is a must have for setting ambient environments and wowing guests at a wide range of events. 

This contortionist act can be fully customised to suit all themes and events and is perfect for corporate events, private parties, themed events and brand launches. 

To book our Canadian Contortionist or for more information about contortion acts and event entertainment contact our Entertainment Specialists today.