Charlie Chaplin - Lookalike - Royal Footmen

Charlie Chaplin Lookalike

See the silent movie star brought to life again
Will delight guests with perfectly executed physical humour
Can be accompanied by flapper girl hostess
Ideal for themed events, festivals, corporate functions, parties & more
Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

Charlie Chaplin Lookalike VIDEOS

Charlie Chaplin Lookalike PHOTOS

Charlie Chaplin is a cinematic legend of the silent film era, and you can bring his star quality and iconic physical comedy to your event with our very own wonderful lookalike!

Chaplin’s famous film antics are reenacted in a highly interactive form around guests at your event, with our lookalike behaving in the classic bumbling manner Chaplin was famous for, all the while sporting the characteristic bowler hat, cane and small moustache.

The brilliant walkabout character can also be accompanied by a flapper girl who is the perfect hostess, attempting to rein Charlie in when he’s up to no good!