Traditional Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance Kuala Lumpur

Elegant female dancers with a range of traditional Chinese dance routines
Perform several authentic Chinese dance acts including umbrella, fan and silk
Book several dance acts for one event to maximise impact
Ideal for Oriental themed events,ceremonies and celebrations
Based in Kuala Lumpur and available throughout South Asia

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Scarlett Entertainment is pleased to offer the brilliant Chinese Dance Kuala Lumpur for clients throughout the South of Asia and beyond. This Chinese entertainment is very popular for a wide range of events and these female dancers perform a variety of routines with pure authenticity. 

Clients can choose from several traditional Chinese dance acts including umbrella, Fan and silk. All of these routines have rich cultural heritage and a specific purpose. 

  • Chinese Umbrella Dance: A very popular folk dance that originated from Han Dynasty. The umbrella symbolises honour and wealth and is performed for celebrations.
  • Chinese Fan Dance: Representing beauty, grace and joy. Chinese Fan dance is composed of consistently changing rhythms paired with consistency changing body positions. It is designed to preserve the culture, story sharing and to communicate feelings and emotions without words.
  • Long Silk Dance: A popular form of Chinese entertainment for important ceremonial roles.  Long Silk Dance became popular as court entertainment as well as folk dances.

Our Chinese Dance Kuala Lumpur is perfect for providing authentic Chinese entertainment. The female dancers have stunning and vibrant costumes and will provide a high-quality performance. Upon request, the female dancers could be booked as a welcoming act to add to the impact of any event with an Oriental theme. 

This traditional Chinese Dance act is highly recommended for Oriental themed events, ceremonies and celebrations.

If you would like to book any of these Chinese Dance acts for your event, please contact us at Scarlett Entertainment. 

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