Christopher Spiessens

Christopher Spiessens

A highly engaging and motivating speaker whose passion for changing mindsets is felt both onstage and online
His signature coaching style helps identify what really holds people back from using their full potential and ultimately delivering better results
The holistic mental health and well-being expert is a multilingual speaking English, Dutch, French and German
Clients include Viridor, Expedia Business Travel, ExpoStarsUK, The Dining Club Group, GoLive Events, Women's Business Club and more
Available for Webinars, Remote Working Training Sessions, Keynote Speeches, Live Events, Workshops and Coaching 

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A highly sought-after coach and certified speaker who works with clients worldwide. His approach is based on the belief that mental health, employee engagement and better well-being at work are deeply connected.

This speaker is at his happiest when he can recharge others. His signature coaching style helps identify what really holds employees back from their potential and ultimately how to deliver better results. He believes each person has a motivation story and that by working with clients both individually and at the group level he can help them improve not only their own performance but the overall company performance.

Focuses on real people with real feelings in his keynotes. Too often we forget that our employees and colleagues are human beings who aren’t able to just shut everything off and work. He stresses the importance of supporting your employees emotionally to actually see results financially.

His keynotes and workshops equip audiences with practical and effective tools for bringing back balance, emotional safety and career satisfaction, which result in authentic leadership, happier employees and wholehearted customer service.

  • Happiness
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Connecting
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Employee Engagements
  • Motivation