Two love stories

Circus Love Story

Incredible circus act will amaze audiences with a huge array of circus talents!
Dynamic and original show features stunning aerial acts, dance, live music and more
Scintillating contemporary dance duo with a theme of love, passion and romance
Live music and vocals interspersed with aerial acrobatics creates an immersive and unpredictable viewing experience
Book this varied and passionate circus entertainment for performances worldwide

Circus Love Story VIDEOS

Circus Love Story PHOTOS

Book our fantastic circus act and experience a dazzling array of performers and entertainment in this one of a kind show. This circus entertainment extravaganza features a brilliant selection of acts and performances to choose from to thrill and entertain at any cabaret show, event or dinner party. Guests will be amazed as each of our performers display their impressive skills including aerial acrobatics, ground gymnastics, dance and much more.

Our show blends circus arts and contemporary dance into a scintillating and sensual story of love that audience will find compelling and memorable. This stunning aerial act and circus show is a truly unique and intimate portrait of human emotion told through stunning performance. Book this incredible circus act and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

This diverse and acclaimed circus show features an incredible range of talents, woven together by the theme of a classic love story and interspersed with live music from our talented saxophonist and trumpet player. This dazzling spectacle features stunning aerial acrobatics from our talented gymnasts who are sure to amaze your audience with their graceful and nimble performance. Our contemporary dance and gymnastics duo will deliver a sizzling performance full of passion and romance sure to get everyone’s heart racing.

Guests will be amazed by the precision and skill shown by our superb aerial acts and the live music and vocals from our multi talented performers is sure to create an immersive and sensual act that audiences anywhere will love. For a unique and captivating circus entertainment show book this incredible act for your event.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a brilliant range of circus entertainment to amaze and entertain your guests at events of any kind, anywhere in the world.

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