Divine Company - Colour Collection

Colourful LED Flag Walkers

This colourful corporate entertainment can be performed on stilts or foot for any kind of performance you can imagine
Add LED flags of glowing lanterns for beautiful illuminated LED entertainment
Colourful entertainment perfect for parades, public events, national celebrations, brand events and more
Incredibly versatile, our colourful entertainment act works brilliantly for multi-coloured events, brand colours, or flag colours
Based in London, UK, our Colourful LED Flag Walkers can be booked for international events

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Hugely versatile, our Colourful LED Flag Walkers offers almost endless opportunity for events looking for colourful entertainment or LED entertainment. 

Made up of a very large collection of matching garments including dresses, waistcoats, waistbands, trousers, leggings and more, this corporate entertainment can easily be mix and matched to achieve a range of high-impact effects depending on your event. 

Worn on their own, our colourful entertainment costumes offer a stunning block colour visual spectacle with vibrant and dynamic hues. Combine our colours for rainbow parades, multi-coloured dances, colourful ambient sets and more. Or pick your brand colours for an on-brand effect. Perfectly suited to festivals, parades, family-friendly entertainment and more, our colourful entertainment can also be used to emulate the colours of a flag for local, country, or government celebrations. 

Accessorise with our unique head and shoulder detail or worn without for a simple, elegant look perfect for corporate entertainment.

Create a beautiful and moody atmosphere by transforming our costumes into LED entertainment with stunning illuminated props and lights. LED flags create a mesmerising effect as they’re manipulated in unison, or go for a soft and romantic vibe with glowing LED lanterns. 

Our colourful and LED entertainment can be performed on foot or on stilts for larger than life performances. Striding high above the heads of your guests, this corporate entertainment can be used to deliver an enchanting and jaw-dropping spectacle in a range of settings. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of corporate entertainment and acts for parades in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and beyond. Discover more of our LED entertainment for further inspiration. 

To book our high-impact Colourful LED Flag Walkers for your next event or special occasion, get in touch with our team of Entertainment experts who’ll be happy to help.


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