Fire Performer Canada

An elegant and sophisticated fire performer that will captivate with ease.
Professional fire act will take your audience on a magical journey through flame.
Unique fire show can be customised to fit your event's themes and styles.
Excellent fire juggling ideal for private parties, corporate events, themed functions, etc.
Book fire breathing for events throughout Canada and worldwide.

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Book our hugely talented fire performer who is sure to impress your guests with his unique and exciting bespoke live fire act, a fantastic display of fire juggling and fire breathing, our lovely performer will create a unique fire routine for your upcoming special event or social gathering that will fit your event's themes and styles. Our sensational fire performer will amaze your guests no matter their ages with the power of fire manipulation, providing your engagement with a stunning fire show that is built around our fantastic fire based entertainment, filling your event with elegance and danger. 

Our skilled fire performer is a very versatile entertainer that will create a visually fascinating form of fire entertainment that revolves around the careful precision performance of fire breathing and fire juggling, and the use of a motorized skateboard that can also be lit on fire. Performing his wonderful fire show experience for events throughout Canada, our charming fire performer is highly memorable, and will surely be a hit among those in attendance. High impact and full of creativity, our professional fire act will captivate your guests from start to finish. 

A truly engaging flame inspired entertainment experience that is bound to provide your event with the wow factor element you are looking to bring to your event, leaving your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences. A fantastic fire show performance that will see our fire performer's epic fire act come to life as he quickly races around your guests bringing his flame close up to your audience. A powerful and moving display of beauty, our brand of fire entertainment is the perfect entertainment option for themed occasions, corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, drink receptions, wedding receptions, street performances, and much more.

Contact our excellent team here at Scarlett Entertainment if you are interested in booking our magical and moving fire performer for your upcoming event.


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