Fire Show Hamburg

Breathtaking acrobatic stunts & fire dance will liven up your event
Flaming staves, Poi, ropes, torches, hoops, fans, & more
Can incorporate special props & objects on request
Suitable for both outdoor & indoor events
Based in Hamburg & available to perform at events worldwide

Fire Show Hamburg VIDEOS

Fire Show Hamburg PHOTOS

This incredible fire dance group have years of experience performing breathtaking fire shows at both outdoor and indoor events. A combination of playful choreographies, jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts and breathtaking fire juggling, their performances will burn brighter than a rain of sparks and are sure to hot up your event.

Fascinating and hypnotic, fire intrigues and captivates audiences of all ages. Using flaming tools such as staves, Poi, torches, ropes, hoops, fans and more, this fire group creates an incredible performance that will add a sense of excitement and adventure to your event. They can even incorporate specific objects and props into their performance for anniversaries, weddings and corporate events. They also offer a bespoke ensemble show with a range of skilled artists performing fire, pyro, and percussion, creating a fantastic live show that will set your event alight. In addition to their high-octane fire performances they can perform a LED and UV show.

Dynamic, exciting and versatile, their performances will add an undeniable WOW factor to any event.

" I was so thrilled by your show... The accordance with the music, the choreography, the beauty; simply everything. I hope that you will be able to shape your life with this art for a long time. "

Maria H.

" The skillful performance...represented a wonderful ending "

Cuxhavener Nachrichten

" The Show...was the highlight of the Romantika "

Brunsbütteler Zeitung

" I hope and wish for you to give much pleasure and fascination with your fire art to many people, like you did for us on Saturday evening "

Michael W.