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Fire Spectacle

Up to 16 pc dramatic fire show with jugglers & fire breathers
Performers can develop personalised fire shows for Corporate events
Also offer burlesque fire dance show
Fire and Ice spectacular show available with ice carving!
Based in Bremen, Germany and available to perform worldwide

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This group of 16 fire performers offer a huge variety of breathtaking shows and unique themes that is sure to leave guests awed and inspired!  As well as fire breathers and jugglers, this amazing and talented troupe also includes fire dancers, burlesque and artists!

Guaranteed to add wow factor to any product launch, private party, wedding or corporate event, this act includes a variety of line-ups and options from large scale shows, to solo or duo performers.

Ideal for;

Corporate events
Extraordinary illuminations and fire shows showcase your products in a very special light. Performers can develop personalised fire shows for promotional shows and corporate events

Weddings and anniversaries
A repertoire that includes special effects and fire shows especially tailored for weddings.  This act also offers captivating fire performances for birthdays and anniversaries.  Performers are happy to tailor shows to personal wishes.

‘Wow factor’ and unique events
Our fire performance burlesque show is a very special show package. We also offer a variety of fire show concepts for unique events.

  • Experience the full diversity of fire performance with the fire burlesque show.  Different fire choreographies are combined for a minimum one hour show.  A master of ceremonies guides the audience through the sparkling evening.  Circus charm is combined with fascinating flames to create a wonderful burlesque atmosphere.
  • The fire burlesque show can also be combined with live music and a large joint fire show finale.
  • Fire and Ice
  • Experience how lifeless blocks of ice are transformed into beautiful ice sculptures within a matter of hours. These ice sculptures then form the centrepiece of a fantastic fire show.  The contrast between these two elements captivates audiences almost magically.
  • The ice carving fire show is a live spectacle that is ideal for Christmas themed parties and similar events during the winter months.
  • Fire Breathing
  • Giant balls of flame light up the night sky while the heat of the pillars of flame can be felt on your skin.  Fire breathing is beautiful to behold and fascinates audiences.  In addition to the different fire choreographies featuring two or three artists or integrated into large fire show productions this act can enrich fire shows with one or more fire breathers on request.
  • Fire burlesque Show
  • Up to ten fire performers present a sizzling-hot fire dance.  The show is a veritable sea of flame and rain of sparks. Fascinating rapidly alternating fire images leave the audience awestruck.
  • Let it Swing
  • Accompanied by a dreamy master of ceremonies the audience experiences fire performance at its technical best.  Five to seven fire performers make the 20-minute show an exquisite experience.
  • Funk and Fire
  • Crisp funk and soul music combined with the amazing fire show. This is a scorching show for the senses and is guaranteed to get the audience dancing.
  • Individual fire projects
  • Five stages simultaneously? A two-hour show featuring 20 performers?  Customised fire events can be created for huge audiences extraordinary venues or  at unusual venues.
  • La Marabunta
  • Weihnachtsmarkt Feuershow in Leverkusen
  • Firmenfeier der Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken
  • Eisarena Planten un Blomen Hamburg
  • Feuerspuren Erzählfestival in Bremen
  • Biosphärenreservat Schaalsee Boizenburg
  • Jubiläumsfeier der Bahn AG in Bremen
  • Lichterfest am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal Brunsbüttel
  • AquaLaatzium Feuer und Wasser in Hannover-Laatzen
  • Internationale Dorstener Bierbörse
  • Hafen in Flammen Friedrichskoog an der Nordsee
  • La Strada Kleinkunstfestival in Augsburg
  • Gailsche Tafelrunde in Biebertal bei Gießen
  • Firmen-Event in Lissabon/Portugal
  • Bocholter Lichterzauber im Langenbergpark
  • 100 Jahre Firmen-Jubiläum in Hamburg
  • Jonglierconvention Bremen Große Gala-Feuershow
  • Brauerei Schüttinger in Bremen UV- und LED-Show
  • Winterzauber Silvesterfest auf Norderney
  • Ice Carving Feuershow in Lünen bei Dortmund
  • Nightshopping in Harsefeld bei Hamburg
  • Ice and Fire in Freital bei Dresden
  • NDR Fernsehreportage über "Lichtmalerei"
  • Skulpturenpark Krammelheide Lichterfest
  • Lichterfest am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal in Brunsbüttel NOK Romantika
  • Midnight-Shopping in Bocholt
  • Dodenhof in Kaltenkirchen bei Hamburg La Marabunta Feuershow
  • Sommerfest in Magdeburg
  • Gay Games Eröffnungsfeier in Köln
  • Breminale in Bremen Varieté der Feuerkunst
  • Eröffnung Traumgärten in Oldenburg
  • Hochzeits-Feuershow Schloss Liebenberg
  • Indian Juggling Convention in Ashwem India
  • Siebentäler Therme Nähe Stuttgart
  • Weihnachtsmarkt Feuershow in Wolfsburg
  • Hude brennt Stadtfest in Hude bei Oldenburg
  • Verkaufsoffener Sonntag Waterfront Bremen
  • Magisch Samhain in Bourtange/Niederlande
  • Eröffnungsfeier der Special Olympics Stadthalle Bremen
  • Straßentheater-Festival in Chemnitz
  • Jubiläumsfeier Galopprennbahn Bremen
  • Straßenkunstfestival Pflasterzauber in Hildesheim
  • NitrOlympX Drag Racing Night Show Hockenheimring
  • Asphaltvisionen Festival in Altenkirchen Westerwald
  • Varieté der Feuerkunst auf dem Breminale Kulturfestival
  • Late Night Shopping Feuershow in Dinslaken
  • Klimahaus in Bremerhaven
  • AnLEu(D)fest der Stadt Langen in Debstedt
  • Stadtfest in Georgsmarienhütte La Marabunta Feuershow
  • Hausmesse in Hagen/Westfalen UV- und LED-Show
  • 150 Jahre Jubiläum Stadtwerke Hameln
  • Ice Carving Feuershow in Magdeburg
  • Stadtfest in Hude bei Oldenburg
  • Eröffnung Eisvergnügen in Elmshorn Let it Swing Feuershow
  • Feuerspuren in Bremen Varieté der Feuerkunst
  • Meißner Gartengestaltung in Hannover-Garbsen
  • CSD-Parade im Heidepark Soltau
  • STAMP Festival der Straßenkünste in Hamburg
  • Licht- und Luftbad in Bremen
  • Firmen-Veranstaltung in Münster
  • Kino im Hafen in Bremerhaven
  • La Strada Kleinkunst-Festival in Augsburg
  • Schwimmbad-Varieté in Verden
  • Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg
  • Osterfeuerberg Winterfest in Bremen
  • OBI Baumärkte in Oldenburg