Nataly Kogan

Happiness Guru Nataly Kogan

Drawing on her own Motivational life story, happiness guru Nataly Kogan has inspired thousands with her incredible experiences
Nataly has been featured in New York times, The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine
Presented a TED talk in 2013, providing audiences with takeaways to create stronger connection with teammates, customers and family
Appeared as an expert on television shows such as One world, Bloomberg TV, Dr. Oz
Based in Boston USA and available for worldwide bookings

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Nataly Kogan is a former VC and the founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform helping individuals and organizations to realise their full potential by adopting scientifically-proven practices that improve their well-being. 

From her teenage years as a Russian refugee learning English in the projects outside of Detroit, to becoming a leading venture capitalist in a predominantly male industry while still in her twenties, Nataly has continually achieved at the highest of levels. She has held top positions at Manhattan-based firms McKinsey and Co. and Hudson Ventures, served as the only female board member at Constant Contact, worked at Microsoft's state-of-the-art Future of Social Experiences Lab (FUSE), and served as Vice President of Consumer Experience at WHERE, which she helped sell to PayPal in 2011.

Despite a lifetime of accomplishments, Nataly found herself vastly unfulfilled. Initially a skeptic of the research related to the positive effects of gratitude, kindness and mindfulness on our daily lives, Nataly decided to incorporate happiness into her own life—solely in order to prove the research wrong. But the more she applied these techniques, the more she immersed herself in and embraced the science and research—experiencing first hand how effective happiness can be as a tool for realising full potential in all aspects of work and life.

Rather than chasing "The Big Happy" of career, money and achievements, Nataly soon decided to dedicate her life to discovering and sharing the tools and best practices required to reframe the concept of "I'll be happy when..." to the more powerful "I'm happier now because..." With this mission in mind, Nataly launched Happier to an overwhelming global response and has since built a community that has shared over six million happy moments (and counting) on the Happier mobile application and website.
Since launching Happier, Nataly has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Magazine and Time Magazine, and has appeared as an expert on Dr. Oz, Bloomberg TV, and "One World" with Deepak Chopra. She is a sought-out keynote speaker, having appeared at events that include at Million Dollar Roundtable, Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, Blogher, SXSW, the 92nd St. Y, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, TEDx Boston, and many more.

Nataly lives in Boston with her husband and daughter. When she isn’t running Happier, she can be found painting in her art studio, doing creative projects with her daughter, deepening her practice of yoga and meditation, or cooking up feasts for her family and friends – all of which bring her a lot of joy.

Speaker Topics:

  • Improving Happiness, and the Bottom Line
  • The Pursuit of Happier
  • The New Way to Lead at Work
  • Cultivating Happiness at Work
  • Fire Up the Awesome

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" Nataly has an amazing personal story, and has created an impressive brand based on her believe in making each moment in life matter. Her passion for and belief in the power of happiness is palpable and allows her to connect with her audience in a unique way that provokes them to in turn reflect on how they can bring more happiness into their own lives. The power of Nataly's words continued to resonate within our walls long after she had left the building! "


" As the keynote speaker at our biggest event of the year, Nataly immediately captivated our audience of entrepreneurial young professionals. Her witty sense of humor, genuine passion for her work, and real world stories gave us inspiration (and many head nods and laughs!). Her positive energy is infectious, and our audience left feeling ready to take their careers to the next level thanks to her unique advice and words of wisdom. I'd highly recommend her as a speaker at any event "

Young Women in Digital

" Nataly’s accessible and personal approach made it easy for a diverse audience to connect with her message. She dared us to be happier and we are excited for the challenge! "

Wentworth Institute of Technology

" Her message is simple, powerful and thought provoking.  We have seen lasting impressions of her message all over campus; stickers she handed out are on our student’s  backpacks, “you rock” cards are being passed about, and most impressive, a student created “what makes you happy” board now resides in one of our dorms.   She had a great effect on our community "

Tabor Academy

" Nataly’s message of gratitude and mindfulness complimented our integrative wellness philosophy and her workshop activities were extremely well received by our discerning guests "

Canyon Ranch

" Her passion is truly inspiring!  Nataly taught us the practice of gratitude and how to bring happiness into the workplace.  She gave us easy tools that enable you to drive your own happiness, regardless of the situation around you.  It was a very uplifting afternoon and it was exciting to see the team so energized. I would absolutely recommend Nataly.  We first met Nataly almost a year ago and have actively implemented practices she taught us to bring more happiness into the workplace. My team calls her their ‘hero.’ "

Media Math

" Nataly’s background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work and home was very well received.  She brings a lot of credibility to the topic as she is very honest about her own experiences.  It was refreshing to hear.  I can’t recommend enough adding an element of Happier to a company event "