Junior Dance Crew Singapore

Junior Dance Crew Singapore

Extremely energetic, charismatic and talented Junior Dance Crew
A group of talented and confident 11-13 year old dancing stars
The members are the Dance School’s best young teen dancers
Are available to showcase Hip-Hop, K-pop and Street Jazz Dance
Based in Singapore and available to perform at events worldwide

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Junior Dance Crew Singapore come from a very well established dance school with thousands of students with ages ranging from 3 to 50 year olds! The dance schools are located in the heartlands of Singapore with 7 branches, including 1 in China.

The Junior Dance Crew have been provided with various types of Dance courses such as Hip Hop, K-Pop, Street Jazz, Waacking, and B-Boy. Junior Dance Crew Singapore have learnt learn various dance techniques and also, developed their self-confidence & showmanship.

They are available to perform and showcase their dance skills at a range of events; their performances are filled with charisma, power, attitude and energy! They are the dance school’s best young teens (age 11 – 13) dancers and growing into future stars!

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