Omar Fuentes - LED Cube

LED Cube Juggler Mexico

Skilled LED cube juggler creates a high-impact performance with a brilliant prop
Unconventional circus entertainment will make a fantastic impact at your event
Book for corporate events and private parties to cruise ships and resort residencies
Multi-skilled circus performer also offers cube juggling and aerial shows
Based in Mexico City and available for events all over the world

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With years of circus entertainment behind him, our LED Cube Juggler Mexico delivers a show with a real punch. The multi-skilled circus performer knows how to deliver a high-impact performance using his exceptional skills, contemporary or classical stage wear and an amazing LED cube prop. 

Our extraordinarily talented LED Cube Juggler Mexico offers an alternative form of circus entertainment that is different from the norm. The circus LED show is quite a unique experience and your guests are sure to love it. The LED cube juggler has mastered the art of manipulation and juggling with a giant LED cube. The circus performer will twist and spin the LED cube around his body and the hundreds of tiny little coloured lights create mesmerising patterns as the object swoops through the air. 

The LED Cube Juggler Mexico is a great choice of alternative circus entertainment for corporate events, private parties and specials occasions. The LED circus show is great as part of a future-themed party and the LED cube juggler can always tailor his appearance accordingly. Regularly with a female partner, you can book this act along with an LED cyr wheel or LED aerial hoop act

Based in Mexico City, this excellent multi-skilled circus performer has a wide range of skills and performance options to suit client needs. As well as this cube juggling LED circus show he is able to deliver a range of circus entertainment at your event including the LED cyr wheel, aerial straps and more. 

Contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment if you would like to book this LED circus show for your event.