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Living Statues Portugal

Portuguese living statues create a breath-taking attraction at any event.
Set the perfect ambiance for any outdoor art display, event, party or festival with this range of beautiful living sculptures.
Choose from a range of different living statues acts to suit your event and accompany them with live music.
Acclaimed statues have won prestigious awards including first prize in the World Statues festival 2012
Amazing living statues available for events worldwide.

Living Statues Portugal PHOTOS

Book our amazing Portuguese living statues and bring a magical, eye catching attraction to your event. These living statues will create the perfect ambiance at any outdoor event, festival or carnival and are sure to make a big impression with your guests. Our breath taking living statue act features an array of stunning, original costumes that create majestic, ethereal statues at events that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off. Our award winning living sculptures have performed around the world and amazed guests and passers-by wherever they go. Bring a unique and stunning attraction to your event and book our incredible living statues. 

Our Portuguese living statues are the work of our talented artist who has been developing and performing with these incredible art instillations since 1999. These living statues will amaze guests as they stand in beautiful, graceful poses throughout your event to create a stunning visual marvel. These living sculptures come in styles to suit any theme or event. Our classical Greek statue adds a timeless and graceful feature to any outdoor reception or party, while the “at the docks” statue creates a unique vintage aesthetic with its traditional dock worker costumes and live accordion music. “Devenir” is a unique and striking act that features a beautiful female body partly encased in huge rock formations to create a novel and mysterious centrepiece to any event. This living statues act has won many prestigious awards including first place in the World Statues festival 2012 in the Netherlands and the audience award at the Living Statues Festival of Espinho in Portugal.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a huge range of walkabout entertainment  to mix with your guests and create the perfect ambience at your event.

Contact our helpful team now to arrange bringing one of our fantastic acts to your event. 

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