Marilyn Monroe Impersonator USA

Marilyn Monroe Impersonator USA

A dazzling and beautiful impersonator that will provide cheer and elegance.
Sexy Marilyn Monroe lookalike can be draped in a variety of different famed dresses.
Always smiling lookalike will keep engagement high.
Interactive entertainment ideal for parties, street performances, corporate events, and more.
Book walkabout act for events throughout the USA and worldwide.

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Bring our wonderful and sexy Marilyn Monroe impersonator to your upcoming special event or social gathering, and watch as your guests are simply blown away by our beautiful lookalike and her stunning and seductive smile. Our charming, elegant, and sensational impersonator will deliver an epic walkabout act that features our star darling mixing and mingling with guests, providing unique photo opportunities, and even performing some of Marilyn Monroe's most memorable songs! A phenomenal interactive entertainment experience that is sure to leave lasting impressions.

Our fantastic walkabout act will keep your guests engaged and entertained, as they flock to meet and greet with our exceptional and talented Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Our impersonator will sing for around 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and will provide sensational mix and mingling for 1 hour to 3 hours, which can be negotiated to last a little longer. Our beautiful entertainer provides an in depth interactive entertainment experience that also features our lookalike being draped in some of Marilyn Monroe's most famed dresses! A marvellous one woman show.

An interactive entertainment experience that utilizes Marilyn's joke style and sexy banter in a sure fire way to leave your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences. A classic and versatile lookalike walkabout act that will capture attention and turn heads with ease as our Marilyn Monroe impersonator seamlessly works your venue, interacting with your guests to their hearts content. A unique and wonderful brand of interactive entertainment, is also the perfect option for private parties, corporate functions, themed occasions, gala dinners, drink receptions, cabaret shows, and much more.

Contact any of our extremely helpful team members here at Scarlett Entertainment if you're interested in booking our sensational Marilyn Monroe lookalike for your next special event. As the leading supplier of event entertainment around the world, at Scarlett Entertainment we have something for every occasion, providing outstanding acts and services for both private and corporate events of every theme, size, and budget.

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