Aswara Faculty of Dance

Modern Malaysian Dance Troupe

Exciting theatrical dance performances will captivate audiences
Offer a range of both modern & traditional dance shows
Dance repertoire inc. contemporary ballet, Chinese & Indian dance
Perfect for arts festivals, cultural events, after dinner shows & more
Based in Malaysia & available to perform at events worldwide

Modern Malaysian Dance Troupe VIDEOS

Modern Malaysian Dance Troupe PHOTOS

Established since 1995 this professional dance troupe has years of experienced providing professional dance productions for a range of events. Ideal for after dinners shows, theatres, cultural and arts festivals, shopping malls and corporate functions this Malaysian dance troupe will really impress guests.

Made up of 20 expert dancers, the group have expertise in a wide range of different dance genres from contemporary ballet to traditional Chinese, Indian and Malaysian dance. Whether giving a minimalist modern dance performance or an authentic cultural show complete with costumes, props and storytelling this experienced dance troupe deliver exciting and captivating entertainment.

Able to offer a range of different themed shows, the group are mindful that whilst they have shows that showcase fun and interesting modern dance they also present shows that aim to preserve the traditions of traditional folk and classical dance.

Dramatic and theatrical their performances will appeal to audiences of all nationalities and ages.