Motivational Speaker Jonathan

An experienced keynote speaker and modern-day philosopher, founder of Thought Expansion Network (TEN)
His speeches and talks are valuable for companies and individuals searching for both professional and personal success
Trusted by senior executives and CEOs of big companies like Google, Forbes or Ikea, to name a few
Encourages his listeners to open their mind to technology and embrace new digital opportunities
Our Motivational Speaker is based in London and available for worldwide events and conferences

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This experienced keynote speaker is the founder of Thought Expansion Network (TEN), an organisation that help business and individuals change they way the live so they’re happier and can fulfill their goals, dreams and ambitions. Jonathan is a motivational speaker whose core messages are focused on innovation, technology and the exploration of possibilities to change

Jonathan’s aim is to provide people and organisations with the tools they need to modify their business approach. This popular innovation speaker encourages his listeners to be open to perpetual change and be aware of future trends that can affect the world of business and the human behavior, so both companies and individuals can achieve business and personal success.

Defined by many as a modern-day philosopher, Jonathan also answers complex questions and advises businesses on the best way to achieve success. Some of his thoughts have been published in books like ‘Business Poison’ and '28 Thoughts on Digital Revolution’.

During more than two decades, this experienced keynote speaker’s has accomplished major innovative and technological feats. Some of this achievements include the Ministry of Sound’ digital strategy, the launch of Sky TV channel and becoming the youngest Chairman of the British Music Industries Association.

Trusted by some renowned companies’ CEOs like Forbes and Google, this popular innovation speaker and charismatic leader always transmits his infectious energy and passion for innovation and technology to audiences. Jonathan is well-known for being able to open the minds of diverse people and encouraging dialogues and strategic discussions between senior executives. Gifted with impressive public speaking skills, Jonathan’s motivational speeches always encourage employees and decision makers to embrace new business opportunities.

Jonathan’s talks and speeches are of great help to businesses requiring:

  • Improve their digital strategy
  • Embrace the opportunities the digital market offers
  • Find new ways to manage changing customer expectations
  • Tools to understand new businesses’ trends
  • Ways to benefit from the landscape of constant change

Scarlett Entertainment can provide motivational and technology speakers for events and conferences in the UK and all around the world.

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  • Hotel Technology Next Generation
  • Telefonica UK
  • Urban Future
  • Google
  • IKEA
  • Tesco Mobile
  • WRG
  • Guernsey Branch

" Jonathan has a great gift to connect with the audience. He does not stop at capturing attention and engaging with his listeners, he really provides them with something they can all use everyday in their jobs. "

CEO and Program Director, Urban Future

" Having Jonathan as a keynote speaker at our event turned out to be a recipe for success. He challenged, inspired and entertained the audience with his strong message, relevant industry examples and anecdotal quotes and stories "

Timo Dinkelman, Google's Key Retail Account Manager

" Rarely will a guest speaker dedicate so much research and insight into a client and a topic. I found Jonathan’s willingness to engage pre-event to learn about the client, and tailor his content to suit, to be very refreshing and this attention to detail really paid off onsite "

Ben Atherton, Client Director for Professional Services, WRG

" I got some great feedback from the team who found him to be inspirational, engaging and extremely interesting. He’d tailored his presentation really well and he was extremely knowledgeable and a huge asset to the agenda "

Head of PR, Tesco Mobile

" You are full of passion and energy and manage to transfer this to the audience.You have an extremely serious message that you transform into inspiration and easy understanding. You manage to touch both the heart and the brain. On this specific occasion, presenting to a group of 120 French managers, the language and speed of presenting was a challenge that you managed in a really good way "

Senior Marketing Manager and owner of Future Customer Lab, IKEA France