Multi-lingual MC Bangkok

Multi-lingual MC speaks Japanese, Thai and English fluently
Able to customise her hosting for a wide range of events
Experience in corporate events, cultural celebrations, TV and radio and worked with the Japanese government
Fashion fanatic can fully tailor her appearance to suit specific event types
Based in Bangkok, Thailand and available for events worldwide

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Our brilliant Multi-lingual MC Bangkok is half Japanese and half Thai and went to international school. She fluently speaks English, Japanese and Thai making her an incredibly versatile event MC for a wide range of national and international functions. With her amazing charismatic delivery and brilliant grasp of fashion, she will take hold of your event with a visual impact as well as introducing her friendly personality into her hosting. 

The very diverse Multi-lingual MC is a host, presenter, blogger, YouTuber, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu performer, Gym and fitness enthusiast and fashion fanatic. She is able to incorporate elements of all her skills into her presenting and hosting. Comfortable with any situation, she quite easily ad lib and keep the audience engaged and focused throughout the event. 

Our Multi-lingual MC Bangkok has experience working in a variety of environments and with different clientele. Her experience spans through corporate events, cultural celebrations, TV and radio, the travel industry, weddings as well as having collaborated with artists and celebrities from Japan and she has worked with the Japanese government too. 

Not only versatile with her approach to event hosting and adapting her stage presence for specific events, she can fully tailor her appearance to fit too, from traditional to very contemporary. Japanese events the Thailand MC will use the proper language and even wear traditional outfits. 

To book Multi-lingual MC Bangkok for your event, please get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment.