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Music Team Building Singapore

Amazing team building activities playing music or MTV-style video recording
Teams of 10 to 300 can get involved with learning an instrument and playing music
Teams of 20 to 60 can get involved with recording the music video
No musical experience required to take part
Based in Singapore and available in their studio or at your location

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Engage your clients or colleagues in a fascinating music workshop team building activity that is fun for everyone. The music team building activity is suitable for small or large groups and requires no previous knowledge of playing music instruments. This is an excellent option for corporate team building as the music workshop engages with confidence, concentration, creativity, team chemistry, collaboration and much more. 

They offer two different options depending on the type of music team building you would like to take part in.

The point of the music workshop is to learn and perform two to four songs together. This music workshop is available for groups of 10 right up to 300 and can last a couple of hours or a full day. Every member of the group is equipped with an instrument choice of microphone, keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and ukelele. As this is a music team building activity, several people will be on the same instrument all learning together. There are opportunities for photos and a video of the session will also be recorded. Guests may chose the songs and they can be in English, Spanish, Mandarin and other languages of choice. The corporate team building exercise can take place in conjunction with an evening dinner or business event during which the final performance will take place.

Music Video:
This team building exercise sees groups of 20 to 60 create a MTV style music video, complete with bloopers reel in a window of four hours. This is a perfect corporate team building activity where everyone is given a role from director and videographer to singer and dancer. Songs can be chosen by the groups and lyrics can be modified, then using props the team film a music video indoors or outdoors. 

Booking Tips:
• Unforgettable team building activity
• No previous music experience required
• Can accommodate groups of up to 300
• Groups take home video footage of the activity 
• Takes place in their studio or at your location

Contact our team of experts to book this fun team building exercise for you and your guests.

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