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Philippines Fire Shows

Team of talented fire performers from the Philippines
Exhilarating fire entertainment to create a focal point at your event
Solo fire performers to full teams with complex breathtaking choreographies
Excellent for product launches, festivals, live music events and more
Based in Manila and available for events throughout Asia

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Our Philippines Fire Shows are a guaranteed way to turn up the heat at your next event and create a spectacle that your guests will be mesmerised by. With sparks, flames and swirls, the expert fire performers have a multitude of experience creating a variety of spectacles tailored to different event types and always produce great results. 

Founded by a collective of movements artists, circus performers and contact jugglers from Manila, they pool their talents together to create exhilarating fire shows using a wide variety of exciting props and expertly devised dance choreographies. Clients can book anything from solo fire performers to full team fire shows with complex breathtaking choreographies.

The Philippines Fire Shows create a special kind of ambience at an event. The type that only fire entertainment can do. The fire performers can, and have, provide excellent fire shows for product launches, festivals, live music events and more. They can be the focal point of an event or an add-on to augment the wow factor. Their adrenaline-fueled fire shows contain lighting speed poi with sparks flying across the stage, satisfying dance movements with interesting props as well as ambient fire acts.

The team behind the Philippines Fire Shows work to pride the best fire entertainment for their clients and will always work towards the event's theme. They can customise their appearance to fit the theme and client's vision. 

To find out more about the Philippines Fire Shows, or to book them for your event, please get in touch with our team of specialists at Scarlett Entertainment.