Tala Marie - Dancer

Professional Dancer USA

A multi-talented ballet dancer that can do anything from ballet to burlesque.
Can create a high-energy dance production that will astound the audience.
Majestic dance performances including a tasteful burlesque act or more classical ballet show can be booked.
Hire our event dancer to perform at gala dinners, festivals, and more.
Book our professional dancer for events in North America and worldwide.

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Book professional dancer for events in the United States and worldwide wide. The ultimate event dancer, she can perform as a ballet dancer or put on an engaging burlesque act! Experienced dance production expert, our amazing dancer is a must have dance entertainment option for your next event. 

Our professional ballet and burlesque dancer is multi-talented performer who is not afraid of the limelight. A confident and hardworking event dancer that will bring high levels of energy and heart to your event. Our talented dance production expert has worked on camera, on stage and is often spotlighted as a phenomenal background dancer. Our enthusiastic and popping professional dancer is one in a million and will make your special occasion a very relaxed and fun environment.

Available to hire as a background dancer, in-place dancer, or other dancing position our outstanding burlesque performer has the right amount of sass and beauty that will have your guests in a trance the moment they see her body move through the air keeping up with whichever song she happens to be dancing to. Our dancer has been working on her craft for years and is well-trained and versatile in what dances she can perform, always trying to bring new moves to her dance floor.

Our performer has worked alongside some outstanding clients including "Weird Al" Yankovic, Billboard Music Awards, and American Idol. Our female dancer is the real deal when it comes to dance and with her charismatic personality you can bet on a dance routine that will blow your event away. Our ballet dancer can adapt her routines to fit around almost any theme imaginable to really make your event a one of a kind experience that will be remembered for years.

If you're interested in booking our beautiful Professional Dancer USA, you'll want to get in contact with one of our more than helpful team members who will help set the gears in motion and make sure the entertainment you're thinking about lining up for your upcoming event or gathering is amazing and will leave your guests in pure bliss and amazement for years.

  • Billboard Music Awards
  • Legends In Concert
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • Matt Goss Live
  • American Idol


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