Lisa Sampson

Professional Hula Hoop Artist

Fantastic hula hoop performer delivers heart pounding entertainment
Striking hula hoop act features new tricks and experiences
Incredible hula hooper has been featured on Britain's Got Talent
Perfect circus act for private parties, festivals, gala dinners, drink receptions, etc
Book hula hoop show for events throughout the UK

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Book our elegant, skilled, and sensational hula hoop performer for your upcoming special event or social gathering, and watch as her heart pounding hula hoop show engages with guests, keeping them entertained within a matter of seconds. Your guests are bound to love our sensational and talented pin up hula hooper, as she creates an assortment of bespoke live performances that truly helps our hula hoop act shine above the rest. Our hoop performer can perform with multiple hoops to create visually pleasing illusions. Our unique circus act will captivate guests with elegant hip movements and strikingly raw talent.

Performing a versatile hula hoop act and circus act with wonderful passion and elegance, our outstanding hula hoop performer will delight guests with her high quality and dynamic hula hooping. Showcasing her adaptable nature and incredible skill set, our hula hooper will spellbind your special event with ease. A former Britain's Got Talent performer, our hula hooper will compliment your special event's themes and styles with her versatile abilities and ensure our hula hoop show provides fun filled immersive experiences that will keep guests talking for weeks.

Our fantastic and skilled hula hoop performer will perform her wonderful hula hoop act with professionalism, pure dedication, and sophistication, creating a fun filled and relaxing ambient atmosphere. Catapulting your special event into the stars, our talented hula hooper is available for booking for events of all sizes, leaving your guests with phenomenal and unforgettable memories. The perfect hula hoop act experience for private parties, drink receptions, gala dinners, theatre performances, street shows, themed occasions, family days, festivals, and much more.
If you are interested in booking our lovely pin up hula hooper for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact our exceptional entertainment experts here at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to assist you by answering your questions and guiding you through our book process.

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