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Russian Circus Shows

An elite team of circus performers with four fantastic and highly visual variety performances that will amaze your guests
Individual Acts include cyr wheel, multi-member acrobatics, aerial duo and foot juggling
Book all four acts together for a one big circus variety show extravaganza
Perfect circus entertainment for anything from a big top to a corporate event
Based in Moscow and available for events all over the world

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This professional and dedicated team of circus performers from Moscow offer a variety of Russian circus shows that will amaze and dazzle your guests. This action-packed circus entertainment is highly energetic and demonstrates some of the very best skills and abilities. They have individual acts or can collaborate in one diverse circus variety show.

These dynamic and varied Russian circus shows will make a great impact at any event or special occasion around the world. Perfect for anything from a big top to a corporate event, the versatile circus performers have four fantastic shows that can be booked separately or as one big circus variety show extravaganza. 

Available shows are:

  • Aerial Show - Elegant and highly visual, this is a romantic duo show performed on aerial straps.  
  • Foot Juggling - A varied performance with vibrant colours that features some of the best foot juggling skills you’ll ever see. 
  • Acro-show - Featuring a unique stage prop, this is an energetic performance with multi-member bar acrobatics.
  • Cyr wheel - A circus classics that demonstrates extremes dexterity, strength and skill.

The team of talented Russian circus performers have around a decade of experience with the likes of the Ruscircus and the world famous Oleg Popov. They can collaborate with other artists and dancers to create visually impactful circus entertainment for high-end events, product launches, gala dinners and private events. 

Contact us if you would like to book circus entertainment for your event in Moscow, or anywhere around Russia. Our Entertainment Experts will help coordinate one of these fantastic Russain Circus Shows.