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Song Contest Experience

A perfect evening groupbonding activity to reward large hard-working groups
This fun corporate idea will help colleagues get to know each other better and socialise outside work
Participants are divided into teams who will have to demonstrate their singing talent in front of a jury
Winning teams will be awarded with medals at the end of the evening
This Song Contest Experience is available for bookings across Spain

Song Contest Experience PHOTOS

Reward your employees with a social night that they will never forget. This Song Contest Experience encourages creativity and is the perfect evening group activity so workmates build personal relationships and creates lasting ties of friendship.

Designed to be enjoyed by groups of at least 30 people, this corporate team building event can take place in any venue of your preference. This fun corporate idea’s monitors and directors will make sure they find the perfect venue for your social night.

Once the venue has been chosen and booked, you won’t have to worry about anything but to ensure your colleagues show up there at the date and time agreed. Once all have gathered, the fun begins. Our monitors will explain to all participants how the contest works and they will be divided in different teams, who will have to demonstrate their singing talent in front of a jury. During three hours, all members within a team will have to perform in solo, duo or group acts.

The team with the most points at the end of the night will come out as winners and will be awarded with medals. Despite being a friendly competition, participants are guaranteed to share laughs, dance until their feet hurt and, of course, sing at the top of their lungs.

This Song Contest Experience is a fun corporate idea that will motivate staff and allow them to socialise in a different environment.

The price of this evening group activity includes:

  • Venue booking
  • Setting up and dismantling of the entire event
  • Transportation of equipment and all necessary material for the activity
  • Monitors and staff
  • Decorative elements such as banners upon request
  • Portable 1,000 Watt PA system
  • Medals for winning teams

The winning team or teams will be provided with medals at the end of the night, which means they will bring home a wonderful memory of this evening group activity in the form of an award. 

To book this amazing evening groupbounding activity, get in touch with our in-house team of experts today and make an enquiry.

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