Don McLeod - Living Statues

Themed Living Statues

With a wide array of costumes, our artists can adapt to your event theme
Creating the perfect atmosphere, our living statues provide fantastic photo opportunities
Ideal for trade shows, gala dinners, private and corporate events, our living statues will add a touch of class to the affair
All costumes, faux-stone pedestals, and makeup are provided to enhance the ambience of your event and create lasting memories
Our artist's previous clients include Sony, IBM, Samsonite, NBC, and Disneyland

Themed Living Statues VIDEOS

Themed Living Statues PHOTOS

  • Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Diana Ross
  • Emmy Awards
  • IBM
  • NBC
  • Universal Studios
  • AIG
  • Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • Cisco Industries
  • Disneyland
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • The History Channel
  • Academy Awards