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Looking for the unique, original or novel? Find speciality entertainment here

Showcasing a diverse range of unique and specialist skills, our speciality and novelty performers are perfect for all types of corporate and themed occasions. Choose from world-renowned stand-up comedians, stunt acts, singing waiters, storytellers, bubble shows and many more speciality entertainment options with talent in spades. 


Looking for speciality entertainment for your event that’s totally unique? You’ve come to the right place! At Scarlett Entertainment we have a huge roster of unique, speciality and novelty acts that will add a spark of excitement to your event and capture the imagination of your guests.

Constantly spotting emerging talent from artists and performers in countries across the world, our team is proud to keep our clients up to date with the latest innovative, imaginative and creative shows. From bubble shows, BMX riders, shadow acts, stunt acts, mesmerizing storytellers and more, discover a world of fascination in our weird and wonderful speciality entertainment roster.

Spanning a whole range of concepts to suit a diverse range of themes, occasions and audiences, you’re guaranteed to uncover fascinating walkabout acts, awe-inspiring shows, and unique installations. Inspired by some of the most surprising subject matters and niche ideas, explore Salvador Dali-inspired acts, an orchestra floating on lilypads and wine caricaturist for starters.

Have a specific theme in mind? Happy to tailor their performances, our Custom creations team can work with you and our artists to develop custom costumes, choreography, branding and more. 

Having worked with high-profile brands like Porsche, Mitsubishi, Virgin, Disney and Nike, our speciality and novelty talent will exceed expectations and ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of speciality acts can I hire?

A speciality act gaining popularity is drag. Hitting the mainstream with TV shows such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race, drag artists dress in women's clothing and often act with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles, exaggerating make-up such as eyelashes for dramatic, comedic or satirical effect. Offering a whole range of entertainment, our drag queens are fantastic comedic hosts, cabaret acts, and perform lip-synching numbers, live singing, dancing, stand up comedy and more.

Speciality acts are hugely diverse and can include everything from rollerskaters and flair bartenders to storytellers, football freestylers and stunt acts.

Can I hire unique cabaret acts?

You can! We have a great variety of unusual cabaret acts and stage shows.

How about a water show? A water show is basically a performance involving water. Although Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of water shows, most of them are stunt performances executed by acrobats and athletes who bring sports and artistic impression together. The result of merging the two is outstanding. Visually stunning and physically demanding, water shows are aesthetically beautiful and an ideal entertainment option for a great variety of situations.

Do you have ideas for a 5-10 minute speciality performance?

We have a range of fantastically unique speciality performers that offer performances completely out of the ordinary. Have you ever witnessed the strange contortions of a human slinky? Or seen a drone show light up the sky with coloured LED patterns? Mime artists can offer hilarious shows while themed stunt acts can take you into a thousand different worlds. We have lots of options! Speak to our Entertainment Experts who will consider your event, theme and audience for the perfect 5-10 minute speciality performance.

Can I hire speciality acts from a Got Talent TV show?

Yes! We represent many speciality acts from Got Talent TV shows around the world. A brilliant source of new and exciting entertainment, our talent scouts will often source performances from TV talent shows in countries around the world. 

Are your comedy acts all stand-up comedy?

No, in fact relatively few are stand-up comedy. Our comedy acts come from all kinds of backgrounds and offer a truly bizarre range of hilarious shows. 

What other comedy acts do you have?

The variety is virtually endless! There are broadly two categories for our comedy acts though: dedicated funny shows and shows which turn something that isn’t usually funny into a comedy act.

In the first group, there are things such as comedian tributes, variety performers, comedy hosts, funny circus acts (diabolo, hula-hoop, juggling, etc.), clowns, walkabout characters, puppeteers, ventriloquists, drag queens and more.

Acts in the second group include things like waiters, doormen, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, chefs, dancers, acrobats and more. 

Are comedy acts always soloists?

Not necessarily, however, this is usually the case with stand-up comedians. 

Each comedy act has its own unique take on humour, meaning that every act is different. Walkabout acts, for example, are varied and almost always have more than one performer, as do circus acts. Comedy musicians tend to mix playing and stand-up comedy, and we have groups or soloists.

Are comedy acts always stage shows?

The majority of the time, this is the case. It’s quite hard to make people laugh when they’re not paying direct attention! But there are walkabout acts that are hilariously engaging without putting on a stage show. Comedy walkabouts are usually funny characters that interact with your guests and come in a huge variety of themes.

Usually acts need a performance space such as a stage or dedicated area, however, most of our acts are uncomplicated in terms of staging requirements.

Will they pick on audience members?

Stand-up comedians are famous for picking on audience members and making fun of them. In fact, for many, this is a significant part of the act. And conventional wisdom states that it’s generally best not to ask a comic not to, as this will only encourage them!

However, that’s the rule for comedy clubs and dedicated venues. In this situation, making your act exactly to your liking will be the act’s top priority. Furthermore, It is not necessarily an either/or situation. A comedian will be able to break the ice with an audience by talking to them personally without being offensive or deriding anyone!

If you’re worried about this, then it’s good to have a discussion with us and we’ll make sure that your act exceeds your expectations.  

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