Daniel Craig Impersonator

Daniel Craig Impersonator

An uncanny Daniel Craig impersonator who creates a huge buzz wherever he goes is a guaranteed hit at every occasion
An in demand James Bond lookalike who has been asked to appear on film, TV, stage, press, magazines and corporate events worldwide
Available as a lookalike as well as an awards host and body double for the main man himself, Daniel Craig
Amassed over 20,000,000 hits on YouTube with his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent
Based in London England and available for worldwide bookings

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One of the most sought-after James Bond lookalikes, our very own Daniel Craig impersonator has been hired for many events from meet and greets, corporate events, TV and film, trade shows, private parties, charity events, auctions and hosting film premiers.

Perfect for any James Bond themed event or any occasion that desires a top British agent to shake things up, woo the ladies and capture the bad guys! Guaranteed to turn heads our Daniel Craig lookalike will cause a huge buzz everywhere he goes. 

From his first assignment in Monte Carlo back in 2007, our 007 has lead the way as the top Daniel Craig lookalike ever since. With a cool and unbreakable confidence, he has hosted awards in London, launched film premiers in Dubai, walked out of the sea in St Tropez and has even amassed over 20,000,000 views on YouTube for his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Being born only two weeks apart, our impersonator shares the same height, build, hair colour and of course those infamous baby blues that have made Daniel Craig a worldwide star. 

Boasting total professionalism, this smooth-talking spy charms guests, entertains and ensures that every event goes on without a hitch. With a lot of media attention and demand for our James Bond impersonator, you can guarantee that he will impress your guests at your event and provide an authentic 007 touch to every occasion.

To see what other James Bond characters you can book alongside our Daniel Craig impersonator visit our Themed Entertainment section and head to the James Bond 007 category.

Interested in booking 007? Contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

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