Dream Creatures

Dream Creatures

Gentrified animal fantasy characters will be loved by young & old at your event
Their shows provide humour, merriment & visual impact
Offer a 20 minute set or fun walkabout entertainment
Have performed for numerous festivals, amusement parks, parades & children's shows
Based in Spain & available to perform at events worldwide

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A raggle tangle bunch of animals came into a spot of good luck and from it the Dream Creatures were born! During a journey to his castle, the rich old Marquis of Belville misplaced one of his trunks and it was discovered by a group of animals who had been out in the forest scavenging their measly dinner. The animals were disappointed to find only clothes in the trunk, yet when they touched the garments, their bodies magically changed shape to fit the elegant outfits. 

Human in appearance but for their mammalian heads, the Dream Creatures have managed to carve a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. The 'Oso Fabuloso', 'Señor Alce' and their other magical friends delight young and old alike with their tales of life in the forest and new found civilisation. 

Bringing a touch of class to any event, these gentrified animals can perform a 20 minute show or wander around your event, meeting and greeting guests and posing for photos. They have appeared at a number of amusements parks, parades and international festivals and never fail to engage audiences' imaginations with their improbable appearances and stately demeanours.

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