Fire And Ice International Showband - Virtual Girl Band

All Female Virtual Band

Epic all-female ensemble, brought to you by the legendary Virtual Showband: Fire and Ice, perform live and pre-recorded music sets
High-calibre shows with fiercely talented female performers live-streamed or pre-recorded using high-quality audiovisual equipment
Party guests can preselect songs from an eclectic repertoire and choose their own personal favourites to dance along at home all night long!
Alternative lineups available including solo shows, duets, trios and mighty ensembles with additional vocalists and incredible instrumentalists
Incredible all-female band for virtual Zoom parties, online celebrations, virtual girls nights, online marketing campaigns and so much more

All Female Virtual Band VIDEOS

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1. What can I expect from the All-Female Virtual Band?

A sensational live music set live-streamed to your living room! This is an all-female ensemble brought to you by one of the leading event bands in Germany, Showband: Fire & Ice. This experience is available on popular video conferencing platforms but Zoom is preferred. Alternatively, our online musicians can pre-record a custom show to seamlessly slip into your virtual event schedule.

2. How long is the show?

Our All-Female Virtual Bland can perform 15-60 minute shows. We would recommend 1 x 20-minute high-impact set to surprise and delight online guests.

3. What is the set-up?

Our online band typically perform in a professional studio with high-quality sound and lighting equipment. They can perform in front of a green screen too if desired. In this instance, a team of technician are on hand to take care of the equipment. Please note that studio hire is subject to an additional cost.

4. Can the virtual musicians tailor their sets?

Absolutely! These talented ladies boast an enormous repertoire spanning the decades, from international pop party tunes to iconic ballads. Choose your favourite songs for a truly bespoke show.

5. Can the virtual girl band perform themed shows?

Yes! Our performers can customise setlists, costumes and even the recording studio decor to complement a particular theme. This may be subject to an additional fee, so please get in touch to discuss your event theme. Our virtual musicians can also host an online Christmas music trivia game in addition to their music sets.

6. Are alternative line-ups available?

Yes. Choose a soloist, a duet, a 3-piece or a 4-piece band. Alternatively, mix the line up with male and female performers. See our Virtual Showband: Fire & Ice for more information.



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