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Bouncing Ball Acrobats

Bounding, bobbing, bouncing ball acrobats will impress all audience types
Fantastic walkabout act is a head turning street performance
Family entertainment from superb roaming acrobats
Different colour costumes and combinations available for your event
Based in Australia and available worldwide

Bouncing Ball Acrobats VIDEOS

Bouncing Ball Acrobats PHOTOS

Scarlett Entertainment is pleased to be able to offer a breathtaking roaming act and street performance that can suit a variety of events internationally. Leaping, bobbing and messing around, our fantastic bouncing ball acrobats are a totally unique circus act that WOW crowds wherever they go.

Book something really different for you event that is guaranteed top notch family entertainment. The bouncing ball acrobats always pull in crowd and always captivate the audience. The highly skilled roaming acrobats perform a variety of clever stunts, headstands, handstands, flips as well as bouncing off the ground and over each other. Have a look at the videos above to get the full picture of what they do. The bouncing ball acrobats are engaging, fun, comically interacting and generally wonderful energetic entertainment that pleases all age groups.

This amusing and impressive walkabout act works really well crowded areas, indoors as well as outdoors, with the roaming acrobats adjusting their performance to suit all situations. They move from one spot to another and create a mini performance for crowds that gather around them.

This is a unique type of modern circus street performance that is customisable and can adjust to a many different locations. the roaming acrobats are available with costumes and bouncing balls in a variety of colours. Black, gold, purple, yellow, grey, blue and pink. These can be mixed and matched in many different combinations either to bring vibrance to your event or to match a particular theme.

The bouncing ball acrobats first started in 2001 in South Australia and have since performed and toured on a regular basis. They have performed in Europe, Japan, and Singapore as well as throughout Australia and featured at major sporting events, international Arts Festivals, Corporate events, family events and shows.

Contact us today to book this fantastic walkabout act that provides excellent family entertainment

" Your performers were great! The audience were really getting into the performance "

Meredith Banks, Event Manager, Parramatta on Australia Day


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