Joy Magnet - Racing Car Drivers Stilt Walkers

Bouncing Stilts Racecar Drivers

Unique bouncing stilts racing car driver themed walkabout act
Bouncing stilt walkers can jump and run around your event
Duo will roam around, mix and mingle and interact with members of the audience
Prefect for sporting events, themed occasions and promotional activities
Based in Bristol and available for events worldwide

Bouncing Stilts Racecar Drivers PHOTOS

The brilliant Bouncing Stilts Racecar Drivers can be booked to interact with members of the public at a wide variety of events. The racing themed stilt walkers are a great choice for racing or sports themed events, charity functions and fundraisers as well as product launches and promotional actives.

What makes these humorous Bouncing Stilts Racecar Drivers different from other themed stilt walkers is that they have bouncing stilts. This makes the duo a more versatile and dynamic walkabout act able to engage in more lively activities. This pair of racer drivers can jump, bounce and even run. They mess around with members of the crowd, like to have races with people and groups of kids and pose for photos.

These themed stilt walkers are not only a fantastic walkabout act that engages with the public, but also a fantastic promotional tool. With their great costumes and being so tall, they are totally unmissable and can become a very valuable form of roaming marketing.

Popular at all types of occasions  from festivals to corporate events, the Bristol based racing themed stilt walkers can easily travel anywhere around the world. The team of stilt walkers has been involved in Formula 1 and car related events in Australia, Singapore, China and the Middle East.

Booking the Bouncing Stilts Racecar Drivers for your themed event isn't so much a leap of faith, but a very clever choice that will have a great impact on your guests. Contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators today.  

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