Branded Virtual Video Content

Branded Virtual Video Content

State-of-the-art solutions to promoting your brand, making a huge impact with messaging or adding value to an online event experience
High impact, visually creative and video mapping driven content for use on virtual platforms, webinars or any online platform incl websites & social
Filmed & produced in a home studio which can be completely tailored to the client's requests including all company branding, logos & messages
Ranges from pre-recorded introduction presentations to producing an entire virtual event for people to log into and watch from start to finish
Introduce speakers, presentations, announce awards or showcase products all in an exciting way using clever interactions between performer & screen

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1. What is the set-up?

Pre-recorded shows created using the latest technology utilising 1920 - 1080, Full HD, cameras or 4K if requested. The display implements on to any streaming platform. Our video mapping artist can offer a technical call and a rehearsal session with you.

2. How long is each session?

Our artist recommends up to three minutes for a show but is happy to discuss a client's preferences.

3. How can this experience be customised?

You are booking a fully bespoke and branded media performance to launch or close your virtual event. It is fully customisable from graphics and performance to voice-over narration. 

4. Can the show be pre-recorded?

All shows are pre-recorded and, depending on complexity,  require a lead in time of two weeks to one month.

" Video mapping is stunning! Went down a treat and is really impressive "


" Overwhelmed "

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