Sophie Adams - Champagne Aerialists and Ballerinas

Champagne Ballerina & Aerialist

Stunning Champagne Ballerinas and Aerialists perform alongside one another to create mesmerising ambient entertainment
Entertaining guests from both ground level and the sky our ballerina and aerialist show is a stunning addition to every corporate event
Wearing beautiful costumes that complement each other our ballerinas and aerialists dazzle in pink and white
Serving guests champagne on pointe as well as from an aerial hoop our gorgeous performers make for the ultimate champagne service at your event
Based in London, UK and available for worldwide bookings

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Mesmerising guests from the ground and above our Champagne Ballerinas and Aerialists fuse their talents together to create a breathtaking performance that complements each other's skills perfectly. 

Dazzling from above our champagne aerialists serve your guests and ensure that their glasses always remain topped up whilst entertaining them with stunning aerial routines. Meanwhile our ballerinas roam about your guests and perform stunning routines en pointe that mirror the performances of our aerialists. 

Available as ambient entertainment that can be roaming as well as a stage show our Ballerina and aerialist show can be performed together as the main attraction at your event and can feature choreography that has been adapted and created for ballerinas and aerialists. 

Wearing glamorous white sparkling tutus our divine ballerinas serve guests champagne en pointe as well as performing stunning routines that entertain all guests. Mirroring the ballerinas' appearance our aerialists complement their tutus with striking costumes that look absolutely beautiful as they perform from inside their aerial hoop. 

Fusing the grace and strength of both disciplines our Champagne Ballerinas and Aerialists are perfect for a wide range of events from weddings to corporate events, gala dinners and more. Our stunning Champagne Ballerinas and Aerialists are a must have at every event. 

A ballerina and aerial show that provides elegant and ambient entertainment, our delightful performers are highly interactive and perfect for festive celebrations as well as year-round occasions. 

To book our charming Champagne Ballerinas and Aerialists or for more information about booking this ballerina and aerialist show for your ambient entertainment, contact our Entertainment Specialists today. 

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