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Chandelier Aerial Act Singapore

Stunning aerial dance duo will captivate high above guests' heads.
Expect elegant choreographed aerial manoeuvres performed by our amazing aerialist performers.
Sensational aerial hoop artists will be the centrepiece of your event.
Hire aerial circus entertainment for your next corporate event, private party, award ceremony, and more.
Book cirque aerialists for one of a kind entertainment across Singapore and worldwide.

Chandelier Aerial Act Singapore PHOTOS

Are you looking to add an instant wow factor to your special occasion? Because, our beautiful aerial dance duo can provide just that! Performing a breath taking glamorous and sophisticated aerial act that features a stunning chandelier created specifically for our aerial duo. Our chandelier suspends in mid air and features two beautiful aerial hoop artists that will captivate guests together with their elegant routines. Our cirque aerialists will bring the best form of aerial circus entertainment to your event or gathering that'll surely leave a lasting impression.

Our aerial hoop artists will perform their striking performance with a whirlwind of sparkling jewels as our chandelier joins in on the fun. A beautiful display of aerial prowess, our cirque aerialists performance is ideal for corporate events, private parties, award ceremonies, product launches, and other outdoor and indoor events. Our charming and elegant aerial dance duo are guaranteed to delight guests, and are also available to mix and mingle with guests either after or before their performance to provide an emotional connection that'll result in fun photo opportunities and conversation starting points.

Our aerial dancers are versatile and creative, as they can tailor their exhilarating aerial performance to fit within most themes and styles to give you a form of customisation, ensuring the best aerial circus entertainment experience for your gathering. If you're looking for more customisation options, our chandelier act can be combined with other amazing Scarlett Entertainment provided acts.

If you're looking to book our sensational chandelier aerial duo for your next special event or gathering, contact our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have about your entertainment choice, and will also help you through our booking process to ensure you receive the best act possible for your event.