Superman Lookalike

Comic Book Superhero

Guests of all ages will love this amazing Comic Book Superhero
Impress your guests with interactive entertainment from a top notch costumed performer
Uncanny resemblance to the original superhero, this walkabout act will be a highlight of your event
Perfect interactive entertainment for parties, festivals, children, themed events and a lot more
Based in the UK, available nationally and internationally

Comic Book Superhero PHOTOS

There is no superhero in history that is more recognisable, all over the world, than the iconic super hero. The original film franchise with Christopher Reeve cemented that legacy into history forever. Our walkabout act is the UK’s only Christopher Reeve lookalike and will be a sure fire hit with guests and any occasion!

This top notch costumed superhero lookalike will impress crowds with his interactive entertainment. Children big or small and adults young or old will be fascinated by the walkabout act. Whether it be the real thing or not, a superhero in a kids eyes is a superhero and this costumed entertainer will not fail to bring that magic to children.

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the original film superhero, our costumed performer stands at a towering 6ft 4”, with blue eyes, black hair and the same facial characteristics as Christopher Reeve. The lookalike even has a custom made costume to the original film's specifications. He is also available dressed as the famous crime-fighter alter-ego Clark Kent in classic 1950s-esque suit and hat. You can't get much more authentic than that!

A brilliant addition to many types of events, our superhero lookalike provides fun interactive entertainment for all the family. This walkabout act is an asset to may types of events. Perfect for parties, festivals, children’s events, themed events and a lot more. The possibilities are endless. Why not have this lookalike walk you down the aisle on your wedding day? Or, this superhero could make a child’s day at a special celebration.

If you're after a fun walkabout act for your event or interactive entertainment with a difference, get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment to book this lookalike.

" Thanks for doing a great professional job and being so involved in the event. "

Alvio - Ushuaia Club, Ibiza

" Thank you for attending our dinner/theme event. You looked fantastic and complemented the evenings entertainment brilliantly. Very professional. "

Simon Whey - Tower Hotel, London


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