Contortionist Manuelle

Customised Contortion Act

A diverse contortion show involving hand balancing, a contortion water act and aerial dance routine
Our talented female contortionist is the only performer known to shoot an arrow with her feet in the Marinelli bend position
Contortion artist can wear customised outfits to fit a party’s theme and suit event’s requirements
Have performed in small and large venues in Las Vegas, India and Japan, to name a few countries
Based in Germany and available for international performances

Customised Contortion Act VIDEOS

Customised Contortion Act PHOTOS

Designed to leave audiences wide-eyed, this customised contortion act is guaranteed to leave viewers with their mouths open. Our talented female contortionist always exhibits flawless technique and proves to be a versatile contortion artist as her diverse contortion show involves aerial, water and hand balancing routines. This is the perfect entertainment option if you’re looking to WOW guests with something unique as she is the only contortionist in the world known to have achieved this: shooting an arrow with their feet while holding her entire body weight on the roof of her mouth.

This skilled hand balance archer is the only contoronist to combine these two different poses, which are usually carried out separately by most artists. Her Marinelli bend position combined with bow draw is therefore one the most applauded exercises she performs during her diverse contortion show.

Our talented female contortionist has also been formed in many other circus disciplines, although due to her impressive flexibility, she specialised in contortionism. Her diverse contortion show is mostly based on hand balancing but can also include a contortion water act combined with an aerial dance routine that is meant to leave audiences breathless.

On top of all that, she can wear different outfits depending on the occasion, so she can adapt her costumes to fit your event’s theme. As you can see in the pictures above, she can dress up as a Bavarian girl for Oktober parties, as a Santa helper to perform at Christmas celebrations or she can even use body paint to create completely customised characters for your event.

All her performances are a fusion of the highest level of contortionism and artistic dance. Our talented female contortionist has impressed audiences in different places around the globe including Las Vegas, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and many other places in Germany and Europe.

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