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Dancing Robots

Dancing Robots

Fantastic dancing robots create a unique and eye catching display
Brilliant robot dancers will impress any audience with their futuristic look and dazzling dance moves
Dancing robot act offers exciting stage show and dynamic roaming performances
Interactive robot dance show lets your audience learn some cool hip hop moves of their own
Amazing robotic hip hop dancers available for performances at events worldwide

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Book our incredible dancing robots for a cool and futuristic dance act to dazzle audiences at your event. Our amazing robot dancers will impress any crowd with their sleek white look and fantastic hip hop dance moves. This robot dance show is perfect for a whole range of events and their electrifying moves and group choreography will stand out from the crowd wherever they perform. Able to offer both an eye-grabbing stage show and a fantastic roaming performance full of brilliantly robotic audience interaction our mechanical hip hop dancers will create an exciting and lively atmosphere at any event. Book our fantastic dancing robot act for a unique and highly entertaining dance performance from our talented team.

This fantastic robot dance show will put a smile on any face with their sci-fi costumes, super slick dance moves and fun-filled interaction. The possibilities for our dancing robots are endless and they make a great choice of entertainment for a range of events. From stage shows at corporate events and parties to roaming displays at festivals, street parties trade shows, our hip hop dancers look great and fit in anywhere. Their stylish metal look is also perfect for sci fi themed events and conventions, and what’s more our robot dancers can have your company or event branding fitted onto their costumes where it will really get noticed.

Our dancing robot act looks great on the stage and is equally impressive up close and personal in a mobile performance. Our dancers carry their own music system with them so they can perform their electrifying routines anywhere. Our talented robot dancers encourage plenty of audience interaction and will even teach you some of their futuristic dance moves!

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of walkabout robots and other cool futuristic entertainment. 

Contact our team to arrange booking.


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