The Dance Mob - LED Botz Dancers

Electro LED Dance Act

Incredible LED dancers will dazzle and delight audiences at your event
One of a kind stage production will create lasting memories for your guests
Professional dance troupe can also perform in a glow show amongst other artists
Ideal for ceremonies, parties, themed occasions, gala dinners, exhibitions, etc.
LED entertainment available to hire for events worldwide.

Electro LED Dance Act VIDEOS

Electro LED Dance Act PHOTOS

Take your event to the next level with our impressive LED dancers and their mesmerising glow show, a fantastic stage production that promises to captivate guests at your special occasion from start to finish. This professional dance troupe is comprised of talented performers with a real passion for what they do, with each dancer giving 110% in every performance.
Guaranteed to add instant wow factor to your event, our futuristic act provides unforgettable LED entertainment, and promises to make yours an occasion to remember.

Experienced and dynamic performers, our LED dancers put on a spellbinding show as they perform in their bespoke suits, with each one emitting colourful beams of light and creating a stunning visual effect. Tailoring their act to exactly suit your requirements, our artists will provide you with an exceptional stage production that perfectly fits with your event, with the light up costumes fully programmable to display the colours of your choice.

Expertly choreographed and using only the very latest technology, our professional dance troupe deliver an exciting and unique performance every time they step on stage. Certain to amaze all who witness it, this glow show offers you an extraordinary spectacle for your special occasion, and unlike most forms of LED entertainment does not require complete darkness to produce outstanding results.

Sure to be the highlight of your event, our LED dancers can also provide an engaging and interactive walkabout set after their high energy stage performance, supplying you with the best of both worlds and ensuring maximum impact. Ideal for awards ceremonies, exhibitions, private parties, themed events, gala dinners, product launches, corporate events and more, our futuristic dance troupe are available to book for events in Leeds and throughout the UK.

Popular with both private and corporate events, these artists are a great entertainment option. As global specialists, here at Scarlett Entertainment we can provide such acts to perform at occasions all over the world, as well as countless other LED entertainment options and plenty more besides. For more information on the entertainment we can supply for your event, contact our co-ordinators today.


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