Female Crossbow Performer

Female Crossbow Performer

This daring circus act is guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seat and bring an element of excitement to your event
She is one of the very few solo female crossbows acts in the world and can add additional danger stunts like a bullwip to her routine
This crossbow circus act involves a captivating series of high-precision crossbow trick shots involving blindfolds, bells, and mirrors
This circus performer is also an accomplished equestrian and can incorporate a horse to create a larger wow-factor performance
She has performed with Cirque Ma'Ceo, starred in three TV adventure reality TV shows and toured worldwide with Cirque du Soleil

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This amazing crossbow performer started mastering her craft at the age of 5 with her knowledge and experience she has then gone onto perform at a variety of events. She has performed with Cirque Ma'Ceo, headlined variety shows and toured worldwide with Cirque du Soleil produced Broadway hit show "The Illusionists."

Based in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, she performs an interesting variety of high-precision trick shots along with nail-biting suspenseful live target shots involving blindfolds, bells, and mirrors.  The show can be choreographed to music and our performer can interact with the audience as she performs.  With an arrow, she's able to slice flower stems, cut a newspaper along its edge, nail very small and challenging targets, shoot by sound without seeing her target, and shoot backwards over her shoulder. Her finale is a chain-reaction setup involving 6 crossbows, 5 of them on tripods, with the final arrow hitting just above her head!