Fire & Glow Show

Fire & Glow Show

Energetic high-octane entertainment that will leave a lasting impression
Performers have a diverse range of experience in theatre & dance
Offer both exciting & theatrical fire & glow shows suitable for all ages
Perfect for themed events, street festivals, theatres, gala dinners & more
Based in Italy & available to perform at events worldwide

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This professional and experienced Italy based performance group have been entertaining crowds young and old across Europe since 2009. Made up of some of Italy’s best performers who each have a diverse range of experience in theatre, dance, martial arts and set design, this group offer exciting high-octane performances that will really impress guests. Whether you’re looking for an LED glow show or a fire dance performance, each is accompanied by live musicians and stunning visuals are a given!

They offer a mixture of shows, which can be tailored and customised to suit your specific event needs. From short high-impact performances to longer shows that tell a story, they can create something really special for your event.

Audiences will watch in fascination as masked bodies emerge from the darkness dancing to a tune of magical melodies. As the performance progresses many colour changing lights burst into life chasing and merging into each to create a spell binding show of brilliant shapes. The show incorporates a range of tools including juggling clubs, balls and poi. This enthralling and immersive show will transport audiences to a timeless space somewhere suspended between the past and the future. The show can be adapted to suit your needs and is suitable for all kinds of events including festivals, theatres, corporate functions, opening and closing ceremonies, street festivals, private parties and much more.

Prepare for sensual dances, breath taking fights with flaming swords, spectacular feats of fire juggling and swallowing and amazing acrobatics! This fascinating and spectacular show will mesmerise audiences as two or more artists put on an incredibly daring production using hand candles, fire chains, flaming staffs and sticks and a range of other tools. Performers can appear dressed in costumes that are effect for Celtic and medieval themed events including fantasy and historical festivals.

Their fire show can also take the form of a comedy with two characters bickering as they try to make their way back to their stranded airship… with lots of fire tricks along the way!

Completely versatile and extremely experienced at creating unique and exciting shows, this performance group is guaranteed to illuminate your event… whether with fire or LED!


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