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Diverse fire dance shows include numerous tricks with different fire props and accessories
Performed by exceptional and versatile themed fire performers who are specialists in fire manipulation
Fire dance duo offer diverse acts that can fit numerous themes such as Hawaiian, vintage, etc.
Ideal fire entertainment for themed events, street celebrations, outdoor events, weddings, festivals, corporate occasions, etc.
These Fire Shows are available for bookings in Portugal and all across the world

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Boasting Fire Shows that display boundless creativity and tons of talent, our fire dancers can illuminate your event with their great charisma and fabulous display of fire tricks.

Ensure your event is one to be remembered by booking these themed fire performers, a fire dance duo that is committed to work closely with you in order to deliver a live performance that leaves lasting memories.

Able to carry out their fire dance shows both indoors and outdoors, this fire dance duo can adapt to different performance spaces. A versatile couple, these talented artists are specialists in fire manipulation and can perform anything from fire breathing acts to fire dance shows with pyrotechnics and other effects.

Available as a duo and in different groups, our dancers can offer flexible lineup choices. Whether you’re looking for a duo performance or a group act, our artists can make it all happen for you!

Offering performances that fit different themes, our themed fire performers can fully customise their routines and costuming. From vintage costumes to Hawaiian outfits and majestic costumes, our dancers’ comprehensive list of costumes allow you to choose from many different options. On top of that, our versatile fire dance duo can execute numerous tricks with diverse props and accessories such as fans or sticks.

Suitable for a diverse variety of occasions, these original fire dance shows are the perfect fire entertainment choice for themed events, street celebrations, outdoor events, weddings, festivals, corporate occasions, etc.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of fire entertainment for events and occasions in Portugal and worldwide.

Make an enquiry about these sensational Fire Shows for events in Portugal and abroad by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about these fire dance shows and guide you through the booking process