Arcadia Spectacular - Frequency Rider

Frequency Rider

Exhilarating performance that definitely provides the WOW-factor
A truly unique concept that uses Tesla coils to arc over 4,000,000 volts
Watch the performer manipulate lightning in real time to the beat of the music
Perfect for those looking for a smaller version of Lords of Lightning
Based in the UK and available to perform across the world

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A stunning performance that delivers the WOW-factor

Harnessing over 4,000,000 volts of electricity, our performer deftly discharges lightning to the beat of the music in a truly electrifying display. 
Watch in amazement as the performer expertly contains, manipulates and displays stunning bolts of lightning that arc into the sky and leave audiences wanting more.

Unique concept that's sure to amaze

Harnessing the power of large Tesla coils is a truly unique way of performing, adding an element of danger and excitement that keeps audiences captivated throughout the entire display.
This act has quickly become famous for it's stunning visuals and one of a kind effects.

Top Tip:

Our performers have an additional act called 'Lords of Lightning.' It's the perfect choice for those looking for an even grander performance whilst maintaining the stunning visual effects created by the electricity and involves two protagonists dueling against each other using lightning as their weapons. 

Contact one of our Entertainment Co-ordinators who will be able to assist you in booking this or any other act on our global roster.