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Giant Artwork Challenge

A group painting activity that put creativity, time management and teamwork to test
Designed for groups of 30 people onwards, it is ideal for large workgroups
Participants will be divided in teams and asked to recreate/paint an image on canvas
All the pieces of artwork will create a giant image with a logo of your choice when put together
This Giant Artwork Challenge can be undertaken in Barcelona and around Catalonia

Giant Artwork Challenge PHOTOS

Offer your employees the opportunity to experience something different together by inviting them to participate in this Giant Artwork Challenge, a creative group activity that can be held both indoors or outdoors.

This creative thinking workshop experts can take place in a venue of your choice or even in a square or a beautiful corner of Barcelona or Catalonia. Designed for groups of 30 people onwards, this three-hour group painting activity will put creativity and teamwork to test. Participants will be divided in different teams. Each team will be provided with an image they will be asked to recreate/paint on canvas.

All the necessary equipment and material including paints, painting boards and canvas, paintbrushes, etc. will be provided. Once our trained staff explains participants how the activity works, all amateur artists will immediately get down to work.

This art teambuilding experience will allow workmates and people from different departments to do something together and get to know each other better. An exercise that involves creativity an efficient time management, this group painting activity will help workgroups work towards shared goals in a productive way.

When put together, all the different pieces of artwork will create a giant masterpiece that can include your brand’s logo or any other type of branding.

The price of this fun creative thinking workshop includes:

  • Venue rental (if required)
  • Transportation of all necessary material
  • Setting up and dismantling of all the equipment needed
  • Some decorative elements such as banners (if required)
  • Trained staff
  • Portable PA sound system (if required)

If you would like to book this Giant Artwork Challenge in Barcelona and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us and make an enquiry. Our wonderful team of entertainment coordinators will be happy to provide further information on this art teambuilding experience and guide you through the booking process.

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