Jack In A Box - Elephants on Parade

Giant Walkabout Elephants

These beautiful life sized elephants for events are sure to blow audiences away
Standing at an impressive two metres tall our roaming elephants make real elephant noises
Our pair of elephants are controlled by stilt walking elephant riders for an impressive illusion!
Perfect for circus themed entertainment, Bollywood, Safari, Jungle, animal themes and more
Based in London, UK, our Giant Walkabout Elephants are available for bookings worldwide

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How better to fill your guests with wonder and amazement than with these beautiful Giant Walkabout Elephants? 

Stunning circus themed entertainment, our life-sized elephants for events are sure to make a splash standing at an impressive two meters tall, and two and a half meters long. 

Making up a pair, our male elephant has beautiful white tusks while his female counterpart does not. Both of our roaming elephants make real elephant noises, realistic glinting eyes, and textured grey skin. 

Controlled by one stilt walker each, who also doubles up as our elephant riders, these head-turning roaming elephants will make a huge impact at your event. All ages will be thrilled to have the opportunity for a close encounter with one of nature’s gentle giants.  

Accompanied by their elephant riders and a ground-based keeper, our life-sized elephants for events make wonderful interactive entertainment for all ages. Children will delight in running up to our roaming elephants to stroke their trunks and meet their attendants. 

Perfect for a number of occasions and event themes such as Bollywood, safari, jungle and circus themed entertainment, our roaming elephants and their elephant riders can be dressed to fit in perfectly with your theme. 

After circus themed entertainment? Our elephants can wear bright red headdresses with gold trimming while their riders and keepers wear ringmaster costumes and top hats.

Also fantastic for Bollywood or safari themes, our elephants, riders and keepers can be dressed in any number of stunning costumes to perfectly fit the vibe of your event. Why not ask for our elephants to wear their LED headdresses for beautiful night time entertainment?

The perfect entertainment for festivals, corporate events, public events, parades and more. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of walkabout animals, characters and circus themed entertainment for events in the UK, Europe, Us, Middle East and beyond. 

Too book our Giant Walkabout Elephants for your next special occasion, get in touch with our team.

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