Glowing Ball Percussionists

Glowing Ball Percussionists

Dynamic group of drummers create a visually stunning act producing music with giant LED percussion balls
Drummers set balls free to they ‘surf’ through your venue and people can create some music!
Performers are happy to adapt to different performance spaces and perform under dim light conditions or full darkness
Ideal interactive drumming act for opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, festivals, half time entertainment, etc.
These Glowing Ball Percussionists are based in the Netherlands and available for worldwide bookings

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Are you looking for a visually unique live music experience for your upcoming event? Make sure you surprise your guests by booking these phenomenal Glowing Ball Percussionists, a group of drummers who use giant LED percussion balls to create a visually stunning spectacle.

A stage musical show that combines percussion and lights, this interactive drumming act is guaranteed to leave lasting memories and get people talking about it for years to come. The show involves lots of audience participation as our interactive LED percussionists will set the LED percussion balls free so they ‘surf’ through your venue and people can play with them and create some music!

A dazzling rhythmic extravaganza, this drum show is the perfect way to open or close a big ceremony or event. A feast for the eyes (and for the ears), this LED drum act will be an instant hit and will generate a huge amount of social media content. Happy to adapt their show to different performance spaces, our LED light drummers are committed to work closely with you to offer a truly unique visual and musical experience.

Ideal for a wide range of celebrations, this glow in the dark show is suitable for opening ceremonies, galas, half time entertainment, concerts, festivals, and many more! It provides any celebration with a spectacular visual element and it never fails to impress.

  • Top Tip:

Show must preferably be carried out under dim light conditions for greater visual impact!

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing a variety of live music entertainment options for events and occasions in the Netherlands and all over the world.

If you’re interested in booking our sensational Glowing Ball Percussionists, don’t wait anymore and contact us today. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to provide further details on this interactive drumming act and guide you through the booking process.

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