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Gospel Singers Toulouse

Bring soul, energy & inspiration to your event with this Gospel choir
Can fill a small or large venue with joyful music & electrifying voices
Popular at wedding ceremonies, receptions, parties & corporate events
Repertoire spans classic & contemporary to more modern Gospel songs
Based in Toulouse & available to perform at events throughout France

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Bring soul, energy & inspiration to your event with the incredible vocals of our Gospel Singers Toulous! 

Founded in May 2006 by mezzo soprano Sandrine, this Wedding Gospel Choir are an outstanding group of singers and artists in their own right who come together for the love of singing gospel and soul music. Based in Toulouse, they inspire and bring joy of the gospel to wedding ceremonies and receptions, parties and corporate events throughout France.

The Gospel choir can fill a small or large venue with their joyful music and electrifying voices. With a repertoire spanning classic and contemporary gospel to modern Gospel songs, their performances are infectiously enjoyable and inclusive. They can also perform a variety of other musical styles including blues, jazz, soul and funk.  Make your event sparkle with life with this Gospel Choir.