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Grande Madame

An 18th Century inspired walkabout dame with an extravagantly oversized pink dress
She elegantly floats past your guests and waves at everyone like a queen or princess and her adoring fans
At five metres all and wide, this giant doll is an unmistakable feature of any event and makes it unforgettable
Suitable for anything from city festivals and parades to product launches and awareness campaigns
Based in Romania, this walkabout act is available for events all over the world

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The Grande Madame is an extravagantly large parade or walkabout act that completely astonishes audiences. The giant dress lady floats oh so gracefully down the road in her oversized skirt inspired by the glamorous fashion of the mid to late 18th Century. This high impact walkabout act is an attention-grabber and a cause for spectators to reach for their phones. 

Walkabout entertainment on a grand scale

Measuring a staggering five meters high and five meters wide, there is no way your guests could miss our Grande Madame and her gloriously vibrant pink dress. The costume of epic proportions is styled around victorian fashion complete with extravagant wig and pale make-up. The giant doll evokes connotations of fairytales and children's stories becoming an attraction that pleases audiences of all ages. 

Delight your guests with the majesty of the Grande Madame

This unique walkabout act is always guaranteed to have a big impact. The giant doll is wheeled through your event by her assistants, which can be themed to your specifics. As the Grand Madame passes her spectators, she gracefully waves at her admirers like a queen or princess adored by her followers. 

Make an impact at your event with this giant dress lady 

Suitable for anything from city festivals and parades to product launches and awareness campaigns, the giant dress lady is a walkabout entertainment feature that never fails to amaze. Its huge size makes the act ideal to attracts attention to a certain spot or nearby branding. 

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