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Group Challenges Barcelona

Exciting and stimulating, this corporate teambuilding game will encourage teamwork and fellowship
Off-site teambonding game designed for large groups up 30 people onwards
Challenges involve coordination and teamwork and requires trust, motivation and positive attitude
Despite involving physical activity, the games can be adapted to different fitness levels
These off-site group challenges are available for bookings in Barcelona and around Catalonia

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Would you like to encourage teamwork and fellowship among your employees? Then invite them to participate in this testing corporate teambonding game, an activity that involves a series of group challenges that will put teamwork and coordination to test.

Designed for large groups of 30 people onwards, this corporate teambonding game consists on the completion of different missions. Participants will be divided in different teams. Each team will need to face and overcome different challenges. Some of these include crossing a sea of balls with a wooden raft, recovering lost diamonds with a complex pulley system or completing a cycle tour.

Fellowship will also be tested with the most popular trust-building game of all: a trust fall. All participants will allow themselves to fall and will rely on their colleagues/friends to catch them. A fictional TV advert to be filmed will also test people’s organisational skills and the capacity they have to follow instructions, in addition to being a fun and different activity to take part in.

Despite involving physical activity, this interactive teambonding exercise can be adapted to different fitness levels so people with different talents and abilities can participate and enjoy this experience. The only requirements: a positive attitude, strong motivation and intention to collaborate.

At the end of this challenging outdoor teambuilding activity, a prize giving ceremony will be held to recognise the merits of the best participants.

The price of this corporate teambonding game includes:

  • All equipment and material needed for the different challenges
  • Trained staff who supports and guides participants through the process
  • Venue rental if needed
  • Prize giving ceremony

Find out more about these exciting Group Challenges in Barcelona and Catalonia by contacting our in-house team of entertainment experts. Ask to speak to one of our coordinators and request further information on this interactive teambuilding exercise.

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