Hara Hiroki Stage Magic Show

Hara Hiroki Stage Magic Show

Award winning magician delivers an incredible stage show
As seen on BBC TV series 'The Magicians' and 'America's Got Talent'
Incredible stage magic tricks with a contemporary twist
Internationally renowned innovative stage magician will blow your guests minds
Our world renowned magician is available to perform at events worldwide

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Hara Hiroki is an internationally renowned award winning contemporary stage magician. He begun his career in his teens and is now highly regarded as one of the very best international stage magicians in the entertainment industry. 

Surpassing all expectations of traditional magic, our globally renowned magician has developed his own unique and very innovative style. Hara Hiroki’s high calibre stage magic shows playfully incorporate high impact trickery and dynamic visual aspects that have been given a dramatic contemporary twist. His stunning stage magic still uses classic props such as cards and coins but in ways that are guaranteed to amaze audiences.

A Hiroki live show is unforgettable and incorporates a variety of magic tricks including large scale illusion, escape artist magic, quick change, Japanese manipulation, card tricks, mentalism, levitation and lots more. Audience participation forms an important part of his show with guests being invited up on stage to be involved in tricks. Hara fires up the audience and gets them to interact with the show by waving their arms, clapping or whatever he needs for the magic to work!

Stage maigcian Hara Hiroki is a man of many talents and knows how to use them to maximise the impact at any event. Hara’s stage magic shows are very versatile and customisable which means his act can be booked for everything from performing to an audience full of children to corporate clients.

As a multi award winning stage magician, contemporary illusionist and innovative entertainer, Hara Hiroki has an outstanding reputation on the world magic scene. His profile has growing rapidly since being featured on various TV shows around the world including popular BBC series The Magicians and America's Got Talent. Now with global recognition, he has wowed audiences all over Asia, America and Europe. 

  • Top Tip:

This is a customisable show that can be tailored to suit your event requirements. Additional performance options include the inclusion of company logo or a VIP appearance illusion from a holographic projection. speak to our expert team to find out how this stage magic show can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

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Our multi-talented Illusionist Hara Hiroki also offers a state of the art Virtual Reality Show and a Hologram Illusions Video Mapping Show.

To find out more and to book this totally innovative and one of a kind leading stage magician, contact our Entertainment Coordinators who will be more than happy to discuss his performance for your event. 

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  • TV Appearances

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