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Japanese Yosakoi Dancers

Hire unique world dancers to perform a speciality Japanese dance act for your event
Yosakoi is an ancient dance performed at cultural shows & festivals throughout Japan
Our young, energetic troupe of Yosakoi dancers uplift any audience with their vibrant choreography and traditional costume
Ideal for festivals, educational events, cultural days & more, this is a fantastic way to enjoy Japanese entertainment
Book Japanese Yosakoi Dancers for events in Sweden & worldwide

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Scarlett Entertainment are an award winning booking agency, providing dancers, circus performers, cabaret shows and walkabout entertainers for events across the globe. From Sweden but inspired by Japanese entertainment culture, our fantastic Japanese Yosakoi Dancers are experienced world dancers, available to perform their Yosakoi show throughout Europe and worldwide. A celebration of a niche dance style, this cultural show helps to open audience’s minds to the different types of performance, special to each country.

A unique form of entertainment from Japan, Yosakoi is a type of dance most commonly performed at festivals around the country. A highly energetic style of dance, this choreography combines traditional movements with a modern soundtrack. Often performed by large troupes of performers, the traditional dress of the Yosakoi dance varies but predominantly incorporates “Happi” coats, distinguished by their wide arms and waist tie. A fun and eye-catching entertainment option for events, Yosakoi’s energetic nature makes it an uplifting act for any occasion. 

Our young team of professional Yasakoi dancers are regularly booked to perform their Japanese entertainment show for a wide range of events. From cultural shows to festivals and community days, our talented dancers have toured throughout Europe to locations in Holland, Sweden and France to bring their specialty dance act to international audiences. Proud to be one of the few companies representing this special and historically significant art form, our world dancers bring real passion to their live shows.

If you are looking for an interactive entertainment option for your special occasion, why not book a Yosakoi show alongside a dance workshop to give guests a chance to experience the artful measured movements of the form for themselves. The perfect addition to educational events, families love giving Yosakoi a go. To find out more about booking Japanese Yosakoi Dancers for your next event, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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